Planning a hen party can be stressful. Hen parties invariable consists of groups of people who don’t all know each other and the job of organising the event is usually up to one or two chief bridesmaids…. A tough ask! So we are here to help.

Top Tips

  • Get a spreadsheet – honestly it will help. You can keep track of the guest list, activities, payments, requests, dislikes etc…. All in one place!
  • Create a budget and stick to it! Hen Parties can end up being really expensive so we find it helps to create a realistic budget for everything (activities, accommodation, food and drinks and transport) and stick to it. If you have a variety of budgets you can always consider adding optional activities?
  • Have an icebreaker! Remember not everyone will know each other and an icebreaker activity is a great way to start the hen party, help everyone relax and get to know each other…. Some of our suggestions include; a scavenger hunt (split up the teams so that new people are meeting each other!), a dance class (maybe a bit full on!) or a sharing meal. Picnics, tapas meals or even cookery lessons are great as everyone has to interact with each other.
  • Consider the group. It can be tempting to start planning your perfect weekend! Remember to keep the brides likes and dislikes at the forefront but also consider the demographics of the group. Do you have the mother of the bride coming, or maybe the grandmother? Do you have under 18’s or non-drinkers? Try to provide a range of activities with something for everyone.

Tricks – a few simple ideas…

  • Consider making name badges for everyone. These can be as simple as hand written onto sticky labels, or if you have an artistic streak you could really go to town!! This will help everyone get to know each other.
  • Party bags/welcome gifts etc can be a really lovely touch and make everyone feel ‘part’ of the party. Tailor these to your event. If you are planning a spa weekend how about face masks and nail varnish. Or for a punting and picnic hen how about plastic champagne flutes, naught straws and cocktail sticks…. Use your imagination… party packs have a great range of hen accessories as affordable prices.
  • Look into self catered accommodation, this can sometimes be a little more expensive than a hotel but can also end up saving you money as you can cook some meals and have a few drinks in the house before going out. Its also great to have a large social area. You’ll find that lots of hen party activities can be brought to you and usually for no extra cost.
  • Don’t cram to much in. Remember it can take a long time for a group of ladies to get ready to go out/to walk through town whilst the shops are open etc…. Allow some down time in the itinerary… its better to have time to sit down and enjoy a glass of bubbles/coffee/cocktail than be constantly rushing from one activity to the next and arriving late!