Hen Parties are always unique and different – we often meet increadibly stylish, pretty Bride Squads and also, funny hens wearing something absolutely hilarious. It might be a hard choice to decide on the perfect hen-look; and of course, as always, one of the toughest challenges for the Bride Team is to decide on their makeup.

If you organise your Hen with us, you know that basically anything can happen; fromChocolate Making to Dancing Lessons, Cocktail Making to PuntingScavenger Hunts, and so on… until you finally end up in pubs or bars for the well-deserved drinks in the evening. Is it possible to find the perfect makeup-look that suits to all events happening on the day? It’s a miracle, no one knows… but do we try to help with finding something pretty and casual, with some cool twist? Oh, yes!

Of course, if you are planning to wear a costume like the Super Mario Team below, don’t even bother to suffer with glitters and lash extensions! Moustache rules! Tongue Out

However, if you want to get inspired by amazing Beauty Vloggers, enjoy the Top 5 DIY Party Makeup Videos we found for you:

1. Perfect for PuntingDancing Lessons or Cokctail Making – a fun, glittery pink look.

2. We loved this Hair & Makeup DIY – again, it’s perfect for Dancing Lessons.

3. Natural but Spectacular – Nude makeup look is suitable for every occasion.

4. This makeup is so cute and elegant and would look amazing with a matching Fascinator. What do you think?

5. This Wild-Bride look is defo made to make your nude model shy at the Life Drawing session… and you would also rock with it in the club later!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Kiss