Well, Well, Well…What have we here? Another successful year! The summer certainly brought out some very glammed up ladies into this simple university town this year. We saw Leprechauns, Gangsters, Pirates, Sailors and many more extravagant costumes filling our boats with many smiles and laughter from those beautiful faces.

We would like to thank all of the Maid of Honours who chose Cambridge Hen Party for their Cambridge experience this year. We would name you all individually but you may be reading this through your Christmas Dinner, so we shall keep it to us tipping our fascinators to you.

We also welcome a new member to our team, Sir Adam. You may have seen him on the back of your boat rapping to Ganster’s Paradise for you lovely ladies this summer. Well now he has joined the events team with the eagerness to make sure your days run as smooth as a well-made gingerbread latte.

The arrival of our new man is due to the arrival of another beautiful thing, yes you guessed it, Caroline our Co-Founder is expecting a little baby girl in March. But don’t worry your favourite organiser will still be present in spirit to assist Adam if and when he needs it.

Right enough about us, let’s see what we have to offer you in 2015…

Shake ‘Em Up

Our cocktail venues have many more little treats alongside your favourite activity, The Cocktail Making. We all like to dabble in a cocktail or two when celebrating a special occasion (even if that occasion is after a day where the phone just doesn’t stop ringing). If this is the case how would you like to learn more about the cocktails you are enjoying and even have a chance to make your own, ready for those special nights when the girls come round to yours. This fantastic activity is a great way to compete against your friends and family in order to create the perfect cocktail.

Oh this isn’t enough for you I hear you say? Well then lets chuck in some dance classes in the mix as well, or perhaps you fancy a 3 course meal afterwards? With our local knowledge we are able to choose the best venues all within walking distance of the city centre, and create packages to best suit you and your hen’s needs.

Crafty Cats

If you fancy yourself being a bit more creative for your Hen Party with the added bonus of taking your work home with you, why not try our Fascinator or Bunting Making Classes?

With our Fascinator Making Classes, you shall go to the ball! Spend the afternoon learning how to make the perfect hair accessory for you to wear that evening or for a fancy dress party. Whether it be dark sultry silk or silly pink frills make your fascinator as unique as you like.

As well as designing something for yourselves why not design a special gift for the Bride To Be? Our Bunting Making Classes are devised to match the colour theme of the upcoming wedding. You can use them for the wedding day itself or maybe decorate your garden for one of those pre-wedding Pimms parties. Either way these classes are fun and enjoyable for all ages.

Well darling if we are going to be proper, why not add an Afternoon Tea to your schedule with exquisite English nibbles served with the elegant vintage china tea cups… Pinky fingers out my dears!

All this and many more activities to choose from on our website.

We do also have our very own Cambridge Hen Party Photographer, which can take the more natural shots you may not be able to capture whilst enjoying your day. Pictures are very important for these special days especially that final group photo with all of you enjoying your punt ride down the river cam. Check out the Punt, Hunt & Afternoon Tea package for more information.

2015 is already looking like a busy year for Cambridge Hen Party so book now to avoid disappointment. Until then we wish you a very merry holiday season and a fantabulous new year.