Deciding on their First Dance can be a tough choice for couples. While some of them are taking dancing lessons in order to perform the best dance ever seen, others simply enjoy being spontaneuos. Here is our collection of the best First Dance Videos to inspire you for your Big Day.

1. Soulja Boy, Beyonce, Upton Funk and background dancers. Real Teamwork.

2. Bailando! We love Latin beats. And by the way, ladies… keep your eyes on the groom while watching the video!

3. The Greatest Showman was probably the most successful movie of the year. The song ‘The Greatest Show’ is the most perfect expression for a wedding and ‘A Million Dreams’ is the best choice to represent the start of a marriage full of hopes and dreams.

4. The cutest first dance ever! This couple is simply adorable!

5. Surprise, surprise! Imagine your favourite song performed live on your wedding day, during your first dance! Seeing this couple so happy brings tears to our eyes.

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