Although Hen Parties are supposed to be fun, there are many things that can go wrong during the last day and night of the Bride’s freedom (especially, if there is alcohol involved).

Hence, it’s worth following the 5 Golden Rules of Hen Parties, which are the following:


1. Everything for the Bride

It is HER big day, so everything should go as she wishes (apart from some crazy, alcohol-influenced ideas).


2. Don’t Start Drinking too early

It is important to be aware of your limits. Remember, you’d rather be on the dancefloor at 10pm instead of falling asleep with your head inside of the club’s toilet.


3. Play Games

Instead of starting your day with shots, play games or do some other useful activities. Playing Scavenger Hunt or taking part in a Dance Class or a Life Drawing Session is a perfect start of your day, for example.


4. Don’t forget to eat

It’s very important to have a proper meal before the evening craze. We do offer delicious meal options in some of our packages. Anyways, a hen do is never about counting calories…


5. Stick together

The Team Bride should ensure that they never leave anyone (especially the drunken Bride) alone. Girls’ Night Rules no. 1: you arrive together, you leave together!