Zombie Bridal costumes are timeless at Halloween, especially between those lucky ladies who are about to get married shortly. Getting your Halloween outfit ready should not cause any trouble; a white dress and a veil will always do, probably decorated with some fake blood. However, when it comes to the Zombie Bride Glam, there are too many ways to express your creativity.


1. The Corpse Bride

This look is definitely for the make-up pros out there. It is fantastic to watch how someone is capable of such a transformation into a cartoon character.


2. Runaway Bride

This look is easier and can be done by anyone who is patient and artistic enough. You can wear it with our without contacts, but we do think that any unusual coloured lenses would look amazing with this make-up.


3.The Bride of Chucky

Chucky and his wife, Tiffany have been popular since the 1990s, and people choosing to dress like them simply can’t go wrong. This make-up is less extreme; no fake blood, no lenses, no full face painted and powdered to whiteness. In fact, the ‘Bride of Chucky’ look is kind of pretty!


4. Glam Zombie Bride

A little bit of Zombie Bride Glam – who said zombies can’t be attractive? This make-up is so lifelike and creepy, but at the same time, we have to admit that this Bride looks fantastic.


5. Ghostly Bride

We do love the all-white look and do definitely recommend wearing azure or turquoise lenses to complete it. The fake blood around and inside the mouth just lifts this make-up to a higher level.


We hope that we gave you some useful tips for tonight’s Halloween party. Happy Halloween, everybody!