We’re now only a footstep away from the beginning of December a.k.a. it’s time for you, ladies to decide what on Earth are you gonna get for your Mr Rights…

Christmas shopping can be stressful; I think I can confidently say that none of us particularly likes rushing to the grocery store for the last turkey which remained in the freezer or to spend hours waiting in the queues at any shopping centres.

Hence why we should start thinking about Christmas shopping a little bit earlier, so we can get that turkey on time and can also avoid the queues.

Ok, we like the concept of being organised, however, there is a teeny-tiny issue: what to get for our other half? We usually know the perfect present for our friends and family members, but it’s always difficult to think about Christmas gift ideas when it comes to men.

Don’t worry, ladies! Here, we list five things your boyfriends/fiancés/husbands might like… and don’t forget the golden rule: the perfect present is not measured in money, but love.


1. Memories, memories…

Collecting your favourite moments together in the form of photographs or photo albums is a great way to express how much you love spending time with him.


2. Experiences

…and I don’t mean to take him on a luxury trip all around the world. Simply get tickets to concerts, theatre performances, tours, or any other events you know he might be interested in.


3. Warm Pyjamas

Go pyjamas for this Christmas! Men love wearing comfortable clothes, especially when it comes to relaxing at home. Not to talk about the fact that they look cute in funny Xmas PJ’s.


4. Special Drinks / Cocktail Kits

Most men love their drinks, and it’s always a cool idea to add a special liquor to their collections.


5. Toiletries

Although they don’t admit it, they love to take care of themselves. I mean, come on, it’s time for the 3-in-1 soap to disappear. By the way, have you ever heard about beard shampoo, oil and conditioner?


We hope you enjoyed this post and that we gave some useful ideas for you. Good luck with your Christmas shopping!