Bridal Bucket List of 2019 - Fun Before You Marry The One

Getting engaged and your journey till the wedding is probably the most exciting period of your life. You don't stop thinking about the Big Day; new plans are constantly hitting your mind, which is fun but might be a little bit stressful as well. However, there are certain things you definitely shouldn't miss out before becoming a Mrs.


1. Hen Party

A fun day and night with the ladies is absolutely indispensable! In fact, this is something we can help you out with; wether you are artistic, fun, or a foodie, we have the perfect Hen Party Package for you! 


2. Romantic Break

Take some time off with your hubby-to-be! Go for a romantic walk, dinner, or if you can, for a romantic weekend away.

3. Face your Fears

Do something you wouldn't normally do; pet a snake, swim with dolphins, or try skydiving! Enjoy your freedom 'till you can! :)


4. Practice your First Dance Moves

It's really important to get ready for your first show together as Mr & Mrs.


5. Do an Engagement Photoshoot

Think about the future. Engagement are something you will always proudly show to the next generation. In fact, these photos are perfect first-home decorations.


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